Which Natural Supplements Boost Your Testosterone? (Interview With Jim Roufs)

Which Natural Supplements Boost Your Testosterone? (Interview With Jim Roufs)

Let me guess...

You're here for one of three reasons.

Either you...

Have low energy throughout the day and want to fix it.

Your sex drive isn't what it used to be and it's taking a toll on your relationship.


It's getting tougher and tougher to keep your gut under control and even harder to build muscle.

Wondering how I just read your mind?

No, it's not sorcery...

It's because I recently surveyed over 400 men over the age of 40 and the three issues I listed above were the biggest health challenges these men were facing. 

What you're feeling is extremely common.   

And more good news...

I'm going to help you turn things around.

The Supplement Cocktail Formulated To Improve Testosterone Levels

When we put Formula-M together our main goal was to help men over 40 balance their hormones. 

In doing so, the supplement that was born helps aging men with all 3 problem areas by boosting testosterone naturally and normalizing other key hormone levels in your body.

The Creator

The creator of this life changing formula is a board certified physician specializing in Anti-ageing and hormone optimization and my business partner, Dr. Paul Cox.

He designed Formula-M as a first step toward correcting common nutritional deficiencies among men, increasing antioxidant production, improving circulation, and reducing stress which can lead to testosterone imbalance.

The Perfector

To perfect Dr. Paul's hormone optimization cocktail, we consulted with formulation expert, Registered Dietitian, patent holder, and author, Jim Roufs, MS, RD.

The Quest

After the very first meeting we knew Jim was our guy, so we gave him a mission "Find us the best damn ingredients you can" and one requirement... 

Each ingredient had to have well documented clinical studies backing its effectiveness.

Quick note here...

When I created this company, being 100% transparent was extremely important to me. I will never hold anything back about any of our products.

I want to share with you exactly what's in our formula, how we sourced the ingredients, and why we chose them.

With this in mind I decided to interview Jim about his quest for the perfect ingredients. 

During our conversation I asked him WHY he chose what's inside Formula-M and whether he can share the results of scientific studies to back up his choices.

He totally delivered...

You can and should listen to the entire interview by clicking the play button below but if you're short on time, I've summarized the main benefits of each ingredient in the rest of this post.

This is pretty compelling stuff, so if you're truly interested in optimizing testosterone and other vital hormones do yourself a favor and listen!




ashwagandha withania somnifera indian ginseng

Ashwagandha KSM-66

Ashwagandha, Latin name Withania Somnifera, is also known as Indian ginseng. It's commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, which is the traditional medical practice in South Asia.

When you bring up ginseng people go, "Oh, that increases your energy."

But it's not just a stimulant like caffeine.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen; it allows the body and brain to basically adapt to the stress it's being put under.

Typically, as we get older, not only do testosterone levels change but the stressors of life also change.

As we get older there's more and more stress. More responsibilities, family, and work all pulling at us. 

The struggle is real!

When thinking about stress picture Atlas, bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. As the stress of life builds it begins to weigh us down.

We need to be able to adapt, and counterbalance or push against them.

Adaptogens, Ashwagandha in this case, begin to lessen the burden of these stressors by enabling our body to handle them better, whether physiological, psychological or both.

It does this by helping to normalize the male hormones in your body.

When sourcing Ashwagandha for Formula-M we chose KSM-66 from Ixoreal Biomed.

Why you ask?

Remember the one requirement we gave Jim, our formulator, when sourcing our ingredients?

KSM-66 - The World's Most Effective Ashwagandha

Exercise Study

In a placebo-controlled study, 57 males were given 600 milligrams of KSM-66 Ashwagandha (the same dose in Formula-M.) This is what they found:

  • 434% greater testosterone increase than the placebo group. In actual numbers, 96 nanograms per deciliter (ng/DL) versus 18.
  • 73% greater increase in their bench press
  • 48% greater increase in their leg extensions
  • 133% greater reduction in body fat

And with respect to sexual function, two separate studies using KSM-66 showed very impressive results.

Sexual Function Studies

In these studies the dose was only slightly higher, at 675 milligrams versus 600 milligrams.

Study participants experienced a 167% increase in sperm count and a 53% increase in semen volume.

One of the studies showed there was an increase in testosterone but not nearly as much as the study with the exercising group.

This makes a lot of sense because, again, Ashwagandha is an Adaptogen. So, if somebody is exercising, it's just going to allow the body to function and adapt to that exercise even more.

Stress Management Study 

Another study looked at stressed-out individuals. They found not only a significant reduction in all stress parameters but also a significant reduction in cortisol.

Why is this important?

Cortisol, aka the stress hormone, has an antithetical relationship with testosterone.

In other words as cortisol levels rise, testosterone levels begin to drop. 

This is known as the anabolic index or testosterone/cortisol ratio.

To maximize this ratio work to maintain a significant reduction in cortisol, while at the same time increasing testosterone.

So it's extremely important that any testosterone optimization plan include supplements and strategies to reduce stress and as a result cortisol levels.

Energy Study

With respect to energy, there's a clinical trial that shows 600 milligrams a day of KSM-66 increasing cardiovascular endurance and quality of life.


calcium fructoborate fruitex b joint support anti-inflammatory


FruiteX-B is a nature-identical form of Calcium Fructoborate, typically found in fruits, nuts, and legumes.

Boron is very much related to hormone balance.

Most of us are Boron deficient, even though it hasn't gotten as much attention as a lot of other micronutrients. This is one of those underlying deficiencies that can have a significant impact on pretty much the entire body.

Pilot Study

There was a pilot study done where they found a 56% increase in free testosterone after taking 6 milligrams of Boron a day for 2 months.

I should clarify, none of these changes happen overnight. You need to stick with the dosing for at least 2-3 months to see results.

In that same study, they also found an increase of vitamin D levels of almost 20%. Now, what's intriguing about vitamin D is that it's actually not a vitamin at all, it's actually a hormone. 

It's not something we need in our diet because the body has the ability to produce our full requirement if we just get enough sun.

The problem is that in modern western culture with most people working in offices during the day the majority of us are sun deprived and therefore deficient in vitamin D.

There have been numerous well documented studies on vitamin D which show that it basically affects every area of the human body. Therefore fixing this deficiency is the key to achieving optimal health, especially for men over 40.

Joint Pain Studies

There are now five clinical trials on Fruitex-B showing a significant reduction in joint pain.

This is really important because as we get older, a lot of us, especially us males, have suffered some of the consequences of athletics. Our knees and our joints just don't feel as good as they should and that can even make exercise difficult.

Well, in every single one of these five clinical trials, there were significant reductions in joint pain, some even showed these reductions within just 7 and 14 days compared with the placebo.

They also found that even after 90 days the joint pain was still going down, it wasn't leveling off. They were able to show a 70-80% total reduction in joint pain in that study.

What's also very interesting that in areas in the world where Boron intakes range between say 3 and 10 milligrams the incidence of arthritis is less than 10%. But in cultures that ingest less than 1 milligram, it can range from 20 all the way up to 70%.

So essentially FruiteX-B is fast-acting joint restorer that also helps to normalize hormone levels at the same time. 

Anybody who is getting older needs to be concerned about their joints.

Clearly, we're concerned about our muscle mass. But if we can't exercise optimally then we're not going to be able to maintain or increase lean body mass or reduce body fat the way we would like.

So, joint health is a nice added benefit to this ingredient.


vitamin D A Zinc Selenium

Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Selenium

The American diet is literally killing us...

We simply are not ingesting an optimal diet, and as a result, most of us are deficient in numerous essential vitamins and minerals.

Three key ones we need for optimal health, especially for men over 40 include vitamin A, vitamin D3, and Zinc.

Research is coming out on Vitamin-D, literally daily, showing newly discovered benefits to this "sun vitamin". 


Most of us, sadly, as I mentioned earlier are deficient in it.

And the same goes with vitamin A and zinc. Most of us are deficient and need to improve our diets or supplement to meet our daily requirement. Formula-M can help with that:)


Speaking of Zinc, it's one of the minerals highly concentrated in the prostate. Your prostate is the key to healthy sexual function.

Don't want your sex life to suffer? Better zinc it up!!

For the Zinc in Formula-M we chose a product from the manufacturer Albion, considered to the number one manufacturer of bioavailable ingredients. Bioavailability refers to how easily the body can absorb the nutrients.

Albion's Zinc has been show through clinical tests to be a superior form of Zinc due to it's high bioavailability. 

The Christmas Gift Study

Another essential nutrient for a healthy prostate is Selenium.

In an 1996 landmark study researchers called the Christmas Gift, a National Institute of Health (NIH) funded trial that looked at people who were presenting with skin cancer, researchers looked at whether supplemental Selenium (200 micrograms) from high Selenium yeast, taken daily over an average of four and a half years, had an effect on cancer.

Not only did it reduce cancer mortality or dying from cancer by 50%, which is huge in-and-of itself, they also found it reduced prostate cancer by 63%, colorectal cancer by 58%, and even lung cancer was reduced by 46%.

For our Selenium we chose the exact same dosage and product SelenoExcell from Cypress, used in the Christmas Gift clinical trials. 

In a separate study that used the same dose of Selenium but in a different form, Selenium with Thiamine, did not find the same benefit for reducing prostate cancer. So, form does matter and that's why we're using the exact same form used in the clinical trials.

Besides the huge anticancer benefits of Selenium, it's essential for thyroid health.

You cannot have healthy thyroid hormones without having optimal Selenium levels. The enzymes that synthesize T3, the most active form of thyroid hormones, require Selenium as a co-factor.

Why you should care?

Testosterone is not the only hormone that begins to peter off, pun intended. Thyroid levels also start to decline. 

If your metabolism is a revved engine, then thyroid is the gas. Hypothyroidism means less gas and causes the engine to slow down. A slower metabolism makes it harder to lose weight and low energy, fatigue and weakness among other things.

Again, Formula-M was created to help normalize all essential male hormone levels not only Testosterone although it's pretty damn good at that too.

l-theanine green tea leaves


L-Theanine, like ashwagandha, has shown to be very effective at relaxing the body and as a result reducing cortisol levels, and you know what that means...

Yep, you guessed it...

More testosterone!

As an added bonus, L-Theanine has been clinically shown to increase what's known as Alpha Waves. 

We experience increased Alpha Waves as we're falling asleep. Many people find this relaxed state of being is their peak time for creative problem solving. 

Now, we don't have to be limited to having those alpha waves increase right before bed, we can supplement of L-Theanine to produce the same effect throughout the entire day.

More creative problem solving means we can perform better in our jobs and in our daily lives in general.

That's why L-Theanine is in Formula-M. Not only to increase testosterone levels but to help you perform better mentally throughout the day.


DIM diindolylmethane broccoli kale brussel sprouts

Diindolylmethane (DIM)

DIM is interesting...

You may or may not have ever heard of it but for sure you've heard of broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, and other cruciferous vegetables.

The number one food group the American diet is missing is vegetables, and the healthiest type of vegetable we're missing is cruciferous vegetables.

One of the reasons they are so healthy is because they are high in glucosinolates that are broken down into more active substances.

One of the glucosinolates is Indol 3 Carbinol.

At least 15 different substances are formed from Indol 3 Carbinol. DIM is the most active of those 15, but normally only around 10-20% gets converted from the Indol 3 Carbinol.

By supplementing DIM you're cutting out the middle man to get the optimum dose, better than the best, most potent broccoli that you can eat. So your body is getting much closer to 100% of the most active nutrients found in cruciferous vegetables.

Not only is DIM extremely good for you, it also helps reduce the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

An enzyme known as aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen. As we age, aromatase increases, so not only are we producing less testosterone what we are producing is also increasingly being converted to estrogen.

DIM inhibits aromatase and as a result we get to keep our precious testosterone.

Need more?

How bout turning back the clock on aging?

DIM has been shown to increase Nrf2, a basic leucine zipper (bZIP) protein that regulates the expression of antioxidant proteins that protect against oxidative damage triggered by injury and inflammation.

Essentially Nrf2 is the orchestrator of the body's antioxidant response to free radical damage.

For example, when you exercise oxidation increases and free radicals are formed. As this happens, your body increases Nrf2, which then increases endogenous antioxidants to handle the extra free radicals that left unchecked can cause cell damage.

Free radicals are one of the culprits responsible for aging. So supplementing with DIM helps reduce the aging process by enabling the body adapt to the increase in free radical formation as we get older.


EGCG caffeine green tea antioxidants phytonutrients

EGCG and Caffeine

We've all heard about the wonderful benefits of green tea right?

Here are just a few if you need a refresher...

Antioxidants Found in Green Tea Can Lower Your Cancer Risk

  • Green Tea Promotes Brain Health
  • Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight
  • Green Tea Can Help You Live Longer
  • Green Tea Lowers Risk of Diabetes
  • Green Tea Fights Against Bacterial Infections

EGCG is the most active phytonutrient found in green tea. Want to know what it does?

  • EGCG Has Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • EGCG Improves Liver Health
  • EGCG Helps Skin
  • EGCG Prevents Baldness
  • EGCG Promotes Dental Health
  • EGCG Prevents Osteoporosis
  • EGCG Reduces Heart Disease Risk
  • Green Tea Can Help You Live Longer

As we all know has caffeine it and caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant.

When decided to add it to Formula-M it was extremely important to us access the enormous benefits that green tea offers without overstimulating the body.

The dosage we chose gives a small boost of clean energy created from phytonutrients so you won't experience those crashes you get from energy drinks or sugary coffee. 


Spectra superfoods nitric oxide


Spectra is a fascinating product...

It's a combination of over 30 different fruits, vegetables, super foods and herbal products put together to deal with all 5 major free radicals formed in the human body.

Optimizes Energy Production

The cells of our body produce energy in a structure called the mitochondria.

And as we produce energy in the form of ATP from foods like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, there are free radicals that are formed which can have damaging effects on our body.

As we get older, this formation of free radicals increases.

Clinical trials have shown that within just 1-2 hours after taking Spectra (the same dose in Formula-M), there was a 20% reduction in free radicals in the blood.

More importantly...

They found that within the mitochondria of the cell, there was a 42% reduction in these free radicals plus a 140% increase in oxygen utilization within the mitochondria as well allowing it to carry out energy production more effectively.


Reduces Inflammation

Did you know that inflammation is the underlying cause of all chronic disease?

In fact we could categorize all chronic disease as being either inflammation or cancer, even though cancer has a lot of inflammatory components. 

Spectra studies also showed there was a 34% reduction in TNF Alpha, which is a key inflammatory substance. 

Improves Circulation

Now, that's all well and good, but I've left the best part to the end...

Studies also found a 64% increase in nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is what keeps our circulatory system functioning.

We normally make nitric oxide on a continuous basis, basically from the time we're conceived to the time we die. As we get older, the amount of nitric oxide is greatly reduced, in some cases up to 85% by the time we hit our 60s and 70s.

If you've heard of pre-workout or beet juice, all of it is related to increasing nitric oxide in the bloodstream. It's what gives you the pump when you train.

Every tissue in the body is only as healthy as the blood supply going to it. Because of this, it is believed poor circulation is one of the main catalysts of the aging process. If this is correct improving circulation could be our best strategy for fighting the effects of aging.

One example of how poor circulation can negatively effect men as they age is trouble getting or maintaining an erection...

Not having enough nitric oxide is why Viagra doesn't work for 30-40% of guys who try it. Viagra works by maintaining the amount of nitric oxide in your bloodstream.


If you don't have enough nitric oxide in the blood, then the Viagra has little or no effect. And the same goes for any other erectile dysfunction drugs.

So this product is remarkable. It's helping with your brain function, your energy levels, your ability to get that pump working out, sexual performance, and helps you fight aging.


N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

Coined "The Mother of All Antioxidants" Glutathione (GSH), a tripeptide composed of three amino acids—glycine, glutamic acid, and cysteine—occurs naturally in the body and is extremely important to continued health and wellness, and has also shown anti-cancer properties.

There are over 117,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies outlining the benefits of this powerhouse molecule.

Research has shown that glutathione levels decline as we age, and there seems to be a corresponding decline in our health and longevity. Some researchers even think that our levels of GSH are becoming a predictor of how long we live.

N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) is actually a precursor to GSH and has been used in therapeutic practices for several decades as a means of replenishing intracellular glutathione.



We're really giving men what their bodies need to function optimally as they get older.

We're giving the body a clinically effective dose of Adaptogen...

In-and-of itself this can boost energy levels, but we're giving you one that's specifically been shown in well-controlled clinical trials to increase testosterone, decrease cortisol levels, and increase the anabolic ratio.

This will increase energy levels, sex drive, and the ability build muscle and lose body fat.

This is supported by L-Theanine, which not only reduces cortisol but also increases Alpha Waves in your brain, allowing you to function at peak mental performance throughout the day.

Next, we're helping you keep the testosterone your body makes with phytonutrients like DIM that inhibit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

This keeps your anabolic ratio at optimum levels, which has countless 2nd and 3rd order effects throughout your entire body - mood, energy, libido, body composition, brain function, etc.

We've added Spectra to focus on optimizing nitric oxide levels that decrease as we get older.

Nitric oxide levels start to decrease even after age 30, even in individuals who live a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise. It reduces even faster in people who don't exercise and have a poor diet.

So we've provided a clinically effective dose of the exact product, from the same exact supplier, that was used in a clinical trial to increase nitric oxide over 60%.

To maximize that further we're including a the potent antioxidant NAC which is used universally to increased glutathione levels. Glutathione levels go down as we age and it is one of the other pillars to optimal health.

We're also giving you the essential nutrients your body needs but is most likely deficient in.

Boron (in Fruitex-B) to increase testosterone levels and increase joint health (which is critical because we need to be able to exercise even more so as we age.)

Vitamin A, vitamin D3, Zinc, and Selenium, which many people are deficient in, to help maintain normal hormone levels and numerous other functions in the body.

And finally, EGCG and Caffeine to provide vital antioxidants and stable energy throughout the day. Antioxidants are your best defense against the free radical formation that increases as you get older.

Got any questions about any of the ingredients we talked about? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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