Hi, I’m Ron Medlin and this is the story of how Optimized Life Labs was born.

“I spent the last 5 years researching and trying to figure out the best way to get back my energy, unleash my sex drive, and just live a better optimized life and this is the story of how it all happened.”

Ron Medlin, Founder of OptimizedLifeLabs.com
It was two weeks after my 39th birthday…

I remember it vividly, I was in my doctor's office, it was cold in the waiting room that day which made me extra anxious. Finally, Dr. Paul calls me into his office and sits me down to give me the news...

For years I had been experiencing a decline in energy, lack of motivation and performance in the gym, and a noticeable decline in mood.

My daily ritual consisted of hitting the snooze on my alarm clock and relying on expensive energy drinks and coffees to get me through the morning.

In the afternoon it was the same problem, I would come down from the sugary caffeine jolt and be even more exhausted then I was in the morning.

I was struggling to get through the day due to lack of energy, and focus. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t focus, hell I could barely keep my eyes open.

I knew this had to change; this couldn't be healthy for me, how could I get back the energy I once had?

"I got curious and set out to find a better way, I knew I couldn't be the only one, did other people feel this way?"

I started surveying male friends and family members around my age asking the question,

“What's the biggest concern/challenge you have about getting older?”

Majority of people would complain about lack of energy, lack of sleep, the inability to ditch the pesky beer gut


their lost sex drive, their decreased passion, they lost their mojo.

I DID NOT want to lose my mojo.

This became my aha moment and new found obsession.

I set out figure out what was causing me to feel like my energy had been zapped and find a solution to fix it so that my friends and I could benefit That’s when I saw Dr. Paul Cox, an anti-aging and hormone replacement therapy specialist.

I showed up at the clinic at 8 am and got all kinds of labs and tests done, by the end I felt drained. The next day, he pulls out this thick stack of papers and all I see is red marks...

“That can’t be good” I’m thinking.

Me: “What’s the diagnosis Doc?”

Dr. Paul: “I’ve got good news and bad news… The bad news is you’ve got low testosterone and slight hypothyroidism. The good news is this isn’t hard to fix.”

He laid out the options for me, “hormone replacement therapy…” OR “We could try a new supplement cocktail I’ve been using with some of my patients, and they love it.”

It was cheaper and I didn’t have to take injections, so I went with that.

He stocks me up with 6 or 7 different boxes of “vitamins” and sends me on my way. “See you in a month.”

It was a miracle…

After only three weeks, this unique concoction had given me more energy throughout the day, I had more stamina in the gym, and was noticeably stronger. Yes, even there...

I felt better and I looked better. Everyone around me noticed. It was awesome!

And it wasn’t all in my head, my blood tests proved it…

My testosterone and thyroid hormones were back to a healthy level. In just only 4 weeks!

In that moment my entire life had changed and I had to share the secret with the people I knew who were experiencing the same problems.

I made a list of the ingredients in Dr. Paul’s formula and emailed it to all my friends.

A few of them jumped on board and guess what…

More energy, More stamina, More strength…AND… Drumroll, please!

They had their sex drive back!

This sealed the deal for me. I knew I had to work closely with Dr.Cox to figure out a way to provide all the same vitamins and minerals he gave me in a convenient capsule.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who had dealt with these problems.

We got to work, tested and research the best ways to deliver this special formula and that's when Formula M was born. “Formula M” is the exact formula that Dr. Paul gave me in his office that day.

The exact formula that turned my life around. The exact formula that turned my friends lives around as well.

Not only is it the exact formula, but we’ve improved it by finding the highest quality available for each ingredient.

It’s also much more convenient to consume. I was originally taking 14 capsules a day. Formula M is only two easy-to-swallow capsules specifically formulated to increase your body’s absorption.

So if you’re a man over 35 with low energy, less than satisfying results in the gym, can’t see your man parts because of your belly, or suffer from low sex drive. Then it’s time to make a change and Optimized Life Labs might be able to help you.


If you are like me and want to live a fully optimized life with more energy, confidence, and sex drive than you owe it to yourself to try Formula M.

To an Optimized Life, Ron Medlin,

Try Formula M today and unleash your natural levels of energy, sex drive, stamina and more, it’s a formula that has worked tremendously for me and others and I hope it will do the same for you.

Try Formula M today and unleash your natural levels of energy, sex drive, stamina and more, it’s a formula that has worked tremendously for me and others and I hope it will do the same for you.

Order today 100% Risk-free and at least give yourself the chance to feel better.